Digital Marketing Consulting

Increase the business value of your online activities

Find new prospects online and turn them into hot sales leads.

If you want to improve the results of your digital activities and assets, I can help you with:

  • A digital strategy that is aligned to your business strategy,
  • SMART goals that will deliver bottom line results,
  • A digital marketing plan that is simple to execute and measure, and
  • Actionable reports to enhance your digital strategy over time.

Digital marketing services

Developing or refining digital strategies

How can you ensure that your online activities and projects increase business growth, instead of becoming a liability to the company?

By aligning your digital strategy to the business strategy.

If your digital goals are designed to support the business goals and strategy, everything you do will help the bottom line.

I can work collaboratively with your company to develop or refine a digital strategy that is well-aligned and simple to execute and measure.

Develop SMART goals

How do you know that your activities and digital assets are improving the bottom line?

They will, if your digital goals are SMART goals.

When your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely, it becomes possible to tell if your digital strategy is paying off – or not, in which case you can take action to enhance your activities and assets.

I can help you to set SMART goals to deliver visible bottom line results.

Develop and execute digital marketing plans, or parts of it

How can you ensure that the digital plan stay on time and on budget?

Make sure that the plan is realistic, and simple to execute.

Instead of trying to do too much, it is worth the time to establish the two or three actions that will have the greatest impact, and then focus on that for an agreed period, while you continuously measure and improve.

I can work with you to develop, execute or manage your complete digital marketing plan, or specific parts of it.

Design actionable reports

How can you tell if your digital activities are on track, and if you are getting better over time?

Firstly, by having SMART goals and actions.

Secondly, and just as important, by designing reports and dashboards that not only show the status of your digital activities, but also recommend actions for further improvement.

I can help you to use analytics and data mining to create dashboards, as well as reports that contain actionable recommendations, instead of “vanity” metrics.

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My value proposition

Through working with people in the high-tech industry, across different organisational levels, disciplines and regions, I have learned how to create digital strategies that are simple to execute and measure, well-aligned to the business strategy, and with SMART goals that will deliver bottom line results.

I design and build digital marketing experiences that generate leads and support international sales and marketing teams in the high-tech export industry, by combining my practical knowledge of marketing and my background in technology.

My projects are delivered to specification, on time, on budget and with a focus on the customer’s requirements.

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Jaco is very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of digital and how it can be utilised to grow a business both externally and internally.

— Jeff Yang, E-Web Marketing, Aus.

Jaco has a broad range of knowledge of the internet, digital marketing and messaging, as well as the mechanics of web design.

— Paul Middleton, Alpha-Zulu Solutions, USA

Jaco was a joy to work with and always impressed me with his ability to get alongside stakeholders and work with them to achieve a coherent vision.

— Steve Gallagher, Synapsys NZ

Jaco is the glue that brings different kinds of teams together.

— Alan Cox, LeftClick, NZ